Extended DISC

To ensure that you and your employees maximize every contact with each other and clients, it is essential that everyone have a clear understanding of how communication impacts their “success.” Because people are unique and different, understanding self and others and how to best interact with others can set you apart from your competition.

We are proud to focus on one of the most rapidly growing assessments on the market.

Extended DISC® is a set of integrated tools. However, the assessment reports are only the starting point. The system answers the most important question: “How do I/we use this valuable information to improve performance?” This is where the Extended DISC® creates the value. (Click on the “blue” links below for a description of the individual tool.)

  1. Extended DISC® Personal Analysis
  2. Extended DISC® Success with People 
    . . . an online logistical and training support tool for the Extended DISC® Personal Analysis (For more information, click on the link above.)
  3. Extended DISC® Public Style Analysis
  4. Extended DISC® Job Analysis
  5. Extended DISC® 360 o Tools
    • Team Assessment 360 o
    • Behavioral 360 o
  6. Extended DISC® Work Pair Analysis
  7. Extended DISC® Team Analysis
  8. Extended DISC® Job Surveys
    • Extended DISC® Team Alignment
    • Extended DISC® Survey Platform

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